Ossetian authonomies in Russia and Georgia

The majority of ethnic Ossetians (over half a million) lives in the Russian province of North Ossetia.
The Ossetian population of the South Ossetia was about 60 thousands as of 1986. Since than, after the Georgian region was divided between separatists and Georgian forces, the population has decreased significantly, as many people fled from the conflict zone.

Despite that, Georgian government has been offering a very broad autonomy for the region, which would mean a higher level of independence, than the Russian North Ossetia has.

Georgian government has been offering full amnesty to the separatists and stressing importance of equality and peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups (such coexistence actually exists on the Georgian controlled territories). Various official proposals have been made in Georgian, Russian and Ossetian languages.

Russian propaganda is, however, presenting the Georgian side as fascist and hostile towards ethnic Ossetians and uses this false argument as a justification for Russia’s military invasion in Georgia.


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