Russian Army Invades Georgia

Russian aircrafts are bombing the whole territory of Georgia. On the second day of bombing, hundreds are already dead or injured. Numerous living blocks in various cities of Georgia are destroyed.

Russian 58th army alone, which is currently fighting against Georgia, is twice bigger than the Georgian military forces.

At the same time, Russian 4th army, as well as informal fighters supported by Russia, are involved.

While Russia is bombing the whole territory of Georgia, their bombings and invasion is especially active in the Tskhinvali region. Russian aircrafts have destroyed the cities and villages in the region and the population fled from the whole territory, including the territories previously controlled by Georgia.

Currently the Georgian military is actively fighting against Russian forces in South Ossetia, however, taking into account the quantitative proportions, Georgia will not be able to survive alone, without factual support from outside.

It can be said, that Russian military invasion is the price that Georgia is paying for its unwillingness to be a Russian colony or satellite.


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