Russian Army has occupied Georgian town of Zugdidi

Russian army currently controls the Georgian town of Zugdidi and the surrounding villages.

Russians have entered the town from the breakaway region of Abkhazia.

Earlier Russians demanded that the police of the Zugdidi district disarmed itself.

Reportedly, Russians plan to occupy the city of Senaki next.

Over 1000 Russian tanks are already on Georgian territory, including the breakaway regions.


2 Responses to “Russian Army has occupied Georgian town of Zugdidi”

  1. August 12, 2008 at 9:42 am

    URGENT: Russian General Shamanov, specialist of massacre and ethnic cleansing is installed to Abkhazia!!!

    As various informational agencies report, General Shamanov took command over Russian Federation Military Forces in Georgian Autonomus Republic of Abkazia.

    Brave General Vladimir Shamanov is Russian commander (since March 1995, head of an operational group of the Seventh Paratroop Division fighting in Chechnya, and since April 1996, commander of the Group of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Chechnya) well-known for his brutality during war in Checnia. He got awarded Hero of the Russian Federation for his bloody Alkhan-Yurt operation (1999). Human Right Watch have officialy asked the Russian government to open an investigation into the incident, which was has declared a “massacre.”


  2. November 29, 2011 at 2:04 am

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