More civilians became victims to Russian bombings after Medvedev ordered cease fire

Today Medvedev declared that Russian operation has ended.

However, later Russian bombs killed at least 6 civilians, including one child, who were traveling a mini-bus not far from Khashuri in central Georgia.

Shortly before Medvedev’s declaration, Russians bombed the center of the city of Gori, killing at least four people, including a Dutch journalist of RTL. There’s also an Israeli journalist among the injured.

More bombings have been reported during the day. These included bombing three Georgian tanks that were on their way back to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital.

Meanwhile, western-Georgian cities Zugdidi and Senaki still remain under Russian occupation, as well as both breakaway regions. Cases of robbery by Russian army in the Georgian cities are already documented by journalists.

Concerning the conflict regions – the remaining ethnic Georgians were ousted from Abkhazia. Russians still haven’t stopped attacking the Kodori gorge, where few Georgian soldiers were remaining together with local population. Most of the civilians have escaped the district, while the rest are being killed. All the remaining population escaped from the Gali district of the Abkhazian region as well.

Also it has been announced that the killing of two Georgian journalists in Tskhinvali by Russians earlier this week was intentional and that this can be proofed.


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