Four days after Medvedev’s announcement occupation still continues

Four days ago Russian president Medvedev announced that the military operation on the Georgian territory has ended. However, the Russian army not only hasn’t left the country but also has increased its presence.

Russians don’t let most of the journalists and organizations inside the zones they’ve occupied.  Moreover, they’ve already killed several journalists, injured more than 10, attacked many of them and even were shooting at a journalist while she was recording a stand-up. They’ve also taken materials away from some journalists and in any other ways made the flow of information from the occupied zones almost impossible.

Despite that, there are many video materials from the borders of the occupied zones. I will tell you about some of the things that happened today and were documented. Even foreign officials had a chance to observe some of these personally:

1) Russian army has blown up a railway bridge and placed TNT under another bridge, which would explode as soon as a train would approach. Special forces were trying to neutralize the danger. Don’t know yet how the story ended.

Georgia is a very mountainous country, so there are not many ways to get from one place to another. Therefore, every road is crucial for communication between various parts.

2) Russian army continued bombing forests with special missiles. As a result, many forests are still burning. This is especially dangerous, taking into account, almost 40% of the Georgian territory is (or already was) covered with forests. According to CNN Russians denied access to Turkish planes which were supposed to help to extinguish the fires. The territories also can’t be accessed from the capital, as Russian army has blocked all the ways.

3) Not only militants have been looting, but also the regular army. Today again we saw lots of Russian trucks loaded with both civilian and municipal property heading towards the conflict zones. We even saw a Russian tank with a stolen bicycle on it. What they aren’t taking away, they are often destroying.

Meanwhile, although Russians aren’t letting anyone into the occupied zones, there are reports from the people who have either escaped or communicated with the capital with a cell-phone. It appears that there are many instances of burning whole villages and kidnapping people towards the South Ossetian conflict zone, not to mention looting.

All these still is taking place, despite Medvedev even has already signed an official agreement to end the “operations”.


7 Responses to “Four days after Medvedev’s announcement occupation still continues”

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