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russian army is occupying Georgia

Currently Russian army is attacking Georgian territories in various places outside of the conflict zone.

Russians already control the South Ossetia, as Georgia has withdrawn its forces from the region. Outside of the region, the city of Gori and Kodori valley are under attack, an attack is expected on the city of Zugdidi in the western Georgia. Both Ukrainian and Georgian officials are reporting that Russia plans to invade Georgia from the sea as well. Russian Black sea fleet is being prepared for that purpose in the port of Sevastopol.

Meanwhile, the Georgian society realizes that no help should be expected from the European countries and the US. It seems that the so-called western world accepts Russian occupation of Georgia, which means that Georgia is destined to be a Russian colony. Nothing except for standard formal speeches is being done by the western officials.

Georgian soldiers have been dying in Iraq for worldwide security, but the world did nothing to protect Georgian independence. Georgia, a little country with just 4 million inhabitants, has no weapons of mass destruction and doesn’t host international terrorists. The only thing Georgian society wanted to achieve, was independence from the Russian empire. But currently Georgia is a tool for Russia, to help Russians preserve their imperialistic ideology.

When Russia gets YOU, please don’t complain!


An incomplete map of Russian bombings

Today and yesterday Russia bombed numerous cities, villages and strategic objects in Georgia.

Hundreds are dead or injured, many people left homeless or fled their homes, buildings and strategic objects are destroyed.

The targets included main Georgian port Poti, cities of Senaki, Marneuli, Khobi, Gori, numerous villages all around the country, as well as Vaziani base in the south Georgia and its surroundings.

Most of the aircrafts entered from Russian territory, while one entered from a Russian military base in Armenia.

Each target was attacked many times.

I tried to make a simple map to show just some of the main locations bombed by Russia.

This map only shows places populated by peaceful citizens, where most intensive, repeated bombings took place.


Some Photos taken after Russians bombed Gori

Gori is a Georgian city located outside of the conflict zone

Here are some photos taken by Georgian photo journalist Leli Blagonravova for Caucasus Online:

after Russians bombed Gori

Many people were injured, some killed, others left homeless

Russians bombed Georgian city of Gori

Gori wasn't the only city outside of Tskhinvali region, which Russians bombed

people after bombing
people after bombing

Some buildings were totally destroyed, some damaged and burning

Some buildings were totally destroyed, some damaged and burning


BBC – Comparison of Georgian and Russian armed forces

Total personnel: 26,900
Main battle tanks (T-72): 82
Armoured personnel carriers: 139
Combat aircraft (Su-25): Seven
Heavy artillery pieces (including Grad rocket launchers): 95
Total personnel: 641,000
Main battle tanks (various): 6,717
Armoured personnel carriers: 6,388
Combat aircraft (various): 1,206
Heavy artillery pieces (various): 7,550
Source: Jane’s Sentinel Country Risk Assessments

Ossetian authonomies in Russia and Georgia

The majority of ethnic Ossetians (over half a million) lives in the Russian province of North Ossetia.
The Ossetian population of the South Ossetia was about 60 thousands as of 1986. Since than, after the Georgian region was divided between separatists and Georgian forces, the population has decreased significantly, as many people fled from the conflict zone.

Despite that, Georgian government has been offering a very broad autonomy for the region, which would mean a higher level of independence, than the Russian North Ossetia has.

Georgian government has been offering full amnesty to the separatists and stressing importance of equality and peaceful coexistence of various ethnic groups (such coexistence actually exists on the Georgian controlled territories). Various official proposals have been made in Georgian, Russian and Ossetian languages.

Russian propaganda is, however, presenting the Georgian side as fascist and hostile towards ethnic Ossetians and uses this false argument as a justification for Russia’s military invasion in Georgia.


South Ossetia – history of the conflict

Soviet Union established the autonomy in the Tskhinvali region after occupying Georgia in the 1920ies. As of 1986, the region had about 90 thousand inhabitants, of which about 60 thousands were ethnic Ossetians and 30 thousand Georgians.
For decades Ossetian minority has been living side by side with Georgians, all around Georgia, without any notable complications.

After the crush of the Soviet Union, separatists supported by Russian military established control over a big part of the territory. At the same time, a big part of Ossetian ethnic minority remained on the Georgian side, in various places, including Georgian capital and the region itself, and lived peacefully.

Separatist and Russian forces constantly kept attacking Georgian controlled and Georgian populated villages in the region.

As the Olympiad approached, the attacks on the Georgian controlled villages became more intensive. Georgian forces responded and forced the Russian-backed separatists out of their positions. Later Georgian side proposed a cease-fire, however, new military attacks from Russia followed. Georgian military responded again.

On that stage Russia started open military aggression.

South Ossetia, as a source of instability in the region, has been used by Russia as a tool of pressure on Georgia (along with Abkhazia) since the breakdown of the Soviet Union.

It’s evident that separatist forces have been controlled by Russia. Not only the separatist leaders have been visiting Moscow frequently, but their government also included some former Russian generals.

At the current stage of the Russian military invasion the separatists don’t play any significant role in the conflict. As already shown, the whole population on the territory controlled by the separatists was less than Russian 58th army.


Russian Army Invades Georgia

Russian aircrafts are bombing the whole territory of Georgia. On the second day of bombing, hundreds are already dead or injured. Numerous living blocks in various cities of Georgia are destroyed.

Russian 58th army alone, which is currently fighting against Georgia, is twice bigger than the Georgian military forces.

At the same time, Russian 4th army, as well as informal fighters supported by Russia, are involved.

While Russia is bombing the whole territory of Georgia, their bombings and invasion is especially active in the Tskhinvali region. Russian aircrafts have destroyed the cities and villages in the region and the population fled from the whole territory, including the territories previously controlled by Georgia.

Currently the Georgian military is actively fighting against Russian forces in South Ossetia, however, taking into account the quantitative proportions, Georgia will not be able to survive alone, without factual support from outside.

It can be said, that Russian military invasion is the price that Georgia is paying for its unwillingness to be a Russian colony or satellite.